Tough choices, which is worse, being out in the cold or bed bugs?

Utah Bed Bug Exterminators

This is an example of a heavy level infestation we were called upon to eradicate.  Fortunately, most bed bug problems are caught and arrested before populations reach these kinds of numbers. Extermiman® is equipped with the knowledge, tools and expertise to deal with your  bed bug problem.  Contact us today

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Rodent Control – Baiting & Trapping

When I say rodent control, I am specifically referring to mouse and rat control in this case.  Yesterday I talked with a prospective client.  He told me he was dealing with a rat problem in an outdoor shed.  He gave me some background about the situation.  He mentioned there was

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Ants in Utah

Well, it’s very cold out and yet some ants just don’t know it.  Many insects, including ants in Utah, are in a state of suspended animation this time of year called diapause.  If ant colonies are located in or underneath the structure and temperatures are warm enough where the colony

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