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Bed Bug Encasements

What I am about to share is counter intuitive and contrary to some of the contemporary information and conventional wisdom in our industry related to homeowners and exterminators dealing with bed bugs. Many articles in our industry purport the benefits and even necessity of mattress and box spring encasements when dealing with a bed bug […]

Utah Bed Bug Exterminator

If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator in Utah, you have arrived! Let Carl Wilson with Extermiman take you through the journey of dealing with a bed bug problem. We pull back the curtain on this mysterious and frustrating pest problem. This video gives you some insight into the treatment techniques used by […]

Tough choices, which is worse, being out in the cold or bed bugs?

An article released today by the Huffington Post caught my attention.  It addressed some of the dangerous choices people are making when it comes to bed bugs. Quoting “People will also put themselves in dangerous situations to avoid the possible presence of bedbugs. As temperatures plummeted across the Midwest late last week, two homeless men […]