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Ants in Utah

Well, it’s very cold out and yet some ants just don’t know it.  Many insects, including ants in Utah, are in a state of suspended animation this time of year called diapause.  If ant colonies are located in or underneath the structure and temperatures are warm enough where the colony is located, ants may be […]

A mouse in the house

Mice may be active year round.  Although, in the winter, there tends to be additional pressure from mice due to the fact that outside food sources become restricted and homes provide comfortable shelter.  When trying to eliminate mice from a location, there are typically two methods that may be implemented either independently or jointly.  Those […]

Utah Bed Bug Control

Extermiman® can get rid of your bed bugs in one treatment. Professional companies that eliminate bed bugs usually choose one of three methods to eliminate bed bugs.  Those are chemical, thermal (heat), or cryonite (freezing). Extermiman® does use chemical control as our primary preferred method to eradicate bed bugs.  Chemical control is typically 50% of […]

Tree Insect Pests

Extermiman® is able to deliver solutions for the control of several ornamental insect issues including but not limited to: Adelgids Aphids Bagworm Beeltes Borers Cankerworms Galls Lace Bugs Leaf Eating Caterpillars Leafhoppers Leafminers Mealybugs Ornamental Webworms Rust Mites Sawflies (Broadleaf & Pine) Scale Spider Mites Spittlebugs Tent Caterpillars Thrips Weevils Whiteflies