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Are Moles in Utah?

I have been trapping gophers for a number of years in Utah, and as of yet have never encountered a mole in the trapping process.  From all experience and information that has been made available to me it is my understanding that moles are not present along the Wasatch front.  I am providing a link […]

Raccoon Control in Utah

Extermiman® is able to get raccoons out of your house.  The two most common scenarios we encounter are raccoons living in your chimney or attic.  You may have tried some techniques and failed with them or you are concerned about the safety of yourself and family when considering possible contact with these wild animals.  Extermiman® can capture or evict raccoons […]

Utah Gopher Control

Extermiman shows how we catch gophers. If you are dealing with a difficult to control gopher problem in your landscape Extermiman can help! Extermiman uses a trapping solution to control gophers.  There are a few benefits to trapping as opposed to baiting.  With trapping there are no pesticides involved in the process.  No residual baits, poisons […]

Pigeon Control in Utah

Both homeowners and business owners may end up dealing with this obnoxious bird.  Pigeons may become permanent fixtures to your structure once they have decided to make it their home. Extermiman® offers a number of control options to get rid of pigeons in Utah nesting on or around your home or business. Example of uncontrolled […]