Utah Vole Control (aka Meadow Mice)

Voles, also known as meadow mice can wreak havoc in your landscape.  In Utah, voles are well known for destroying turf.  Voles create holes in your yard that may vary from one to three inches in diameter.  Voles can create tunnels under the turf and runways on top of the turf.  They very much enjoy feeding on vegetation, particularly grass.  Symptomatic damage in your grass will manifest itself as brown trails in the lawn. Most of the time those trails will lead directly to the holes which the voles have created.  Voles generally stay outside and typically do not enter structures because indoor environments are normally not able to sustain them.

Controlling voles.  Extermiman uses a specific baiting strategy to control voles.  The food matrix in vole baits are designed to match the voles diet, which consists of vegetation, grains and seeds.  Call us today for a free consultation and estimate 801-296-5960.

The following is a very good article produced by the USU extension service in cooperation with Division of Wildlife:


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