A creature was stirring…

A couple of weeks ago a prospective client called in quite panicked, about a rodent problem. They didn’t know if it was a mouse or a rat. There were also some other unique circumstances and stress factors the homeowner was dealing with approaching the holidays. Normally I try and spend a few minutes explaining our procedures and setting up fair expectations with clients. However, in this situation, like many others, the client was anxious to just get us out there to do something as quick as possible. We responded within a couple of hours, which is very quick in our industry, and we were only able to do that because it is our slower season.

We went out, diagnosed the problem as mice, and treated accordingly. A few days later I received a call from the customer. They were upset because the problem was persisting and unresolved. I spent about an hour on the phone with the client explaining a number of things related to mice behavior and control strategies. The homeowner realized there were a few things they needed to do on their part to meet with success. They knew they had a little work ahead of them like securing food supplies, so the control measures would work.

About a week passed and I received another call, however, this one was not particularly pleasant. The customer unloaded on me and vented their frustrations. They rehashed the events and made several accusations about our inability to resolve the problem and demanded a refund. I listened intently, and provided thorough explanations about the chain of events along the way. I let the customer know I was more than happy to engage the problem and do whatever it took to resolve the matter since we provide a guarantee, however, I would not just be providing a refund without an opportunity to continue to work at the problem to resolve it, which is what this unique problem required. I explained that we had performed our part at every turn and would continue to engage to resolve the problem. The client continued to unload on me. I informed the client that when I dispatch our technician to address the issue, which is covered under our guarantee, in light of the heightened tensions, I needed their word that the accusations and demands for a refund would be handled between myself and the client, and not with my service technician, who is there to focus on resolving their problem. It reached the point at one moment, that the client hung up on me. The client eventually came to the table to talk and agreed not to badger my technician, and so, we went out.

Upon inspecting, my technician found that the client had overlooked one thing in their pantry, a number of gelatin packages that the mice were feeding on. My technician removed the items and made some adjustments to traps and bait products in the environment. The client profusely apologized to my technician for how she handled the issue with me on the phone, and was thankful we found what she had missed.

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