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Carpenter Ants in Utah

Carpenter ants are considered a wood destroying insect.  Carpenter ants do not attack and destroy wood as a food source.  Instead of feeding on wood, they bore it out to use it as a nesting site.  Compared to a number of other ant species, some carpenter ant caste members tend to be larger in size

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Bird Control

Extermiman is a Bird Barrier solutions provider.  Click here to identify and learn more about your particular pest bird.  Extermiman will analyze and customize a solution for your specific bird problem.

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Ants come in a variety of species.  The carpenter ant, the little black ant, the pavement ant, the argentine ant, the crazy ant, the pharaoh ant, the odorous house ant, etc.  Each species has its unique set of traits related to such things as where they prefer to nest, how far they

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