Pest Control

Bed Bug Photos

The following photographs were taken by Extermiman® and are pictures of live bed bugs.  If you need assistance with bed bug control please call Extermiman® at 801-296-5960. This is a top view of a live bed bug. This is the underside of a live bed bug. Live bed bugs, molts

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Bed Bug Bite Photos

The following pictures were taken 4 days after the bed bug bites occurred.  The swelling reaction was greatly reduced by day four in comparison to the first 24 hours after the bites transpired.  Bites may typically be recognized by 3 to 4 bites in a row or a cluster of

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Red Firebug

“The Red Firebug is brand new to North America, first found in Salt Lake City this spring,” said Dr. Erin Hodgson, entomologist at Utah State University.  For full article… Additional articles. Utah State University Extension Service Red Firebugs Utah State University Extension Service IPM Advisory NEWSLETTER OF THE

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