Wildlife Management

Raccoon Removal Salt Lake City Utah

In this condensed video, Carl Wilson gives you a glimpse at some of the front line action that comes along with removing raccoons from homes along the Wasatch front. This video will give you some idea of the tricks and challenges connected to the removal of raccoons. If raccoons are

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Dead Animal Removal

Extermiman® can find and remove dead animals in your home.  The complexity of the job may vary based on where the critter has died in the structure. If you are dealing with this issue, call us now at (801) 296-5960.

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Utah Gopher Control

Extermiman shows how we catch gophers. If you are dealing with a difficult to control gopher problem in your landscape Extermiman can help! Extermiman uses a trapping solution to control gophers.  There are a few benefits to trapping as opposed to baiting.  With trapping there are no pesticides involved in the

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