Contest – Best Pest Story

Rules of Entry & Qualification

1.) You must like Extermiman’s page.
2.) Comment on this post telling us your best pest related story.  It can be creepy, funny or whatever.  We will reserve the right to delete a post if we judge it to be extremely crass.
2.) Your comment must be placed on this post, not as a separate posted comment on our Timeline.
3.) You must live somewhere along the Wasatch Front, and it must be visible on your Facebook profile in order to verify it.  Your likes and comments may come from anywhere geographically, but you must live somewhere along the Wasatch Front to qualify.
4.) You must be willing to take a photo with the owner of Extermiman giving you the winning prize as proof of receipt of the prize, and by receiving the prize you give permission for the photograph to be posted here for this contest.
5.) This contest deadline is Jan. 31st 2014 @ 12 P.M.
6.) Failing to comply with any of the listed conditions will result in disqualification and the prize will pass onto the person who has the next most number of likes and so on.
7.) Facebook is in no way affiliated with this promotion and is released from anything associated with it.

Winner – The person that receives the most likes and comments (a combination of the two) on their comment by Jan. 31st 2014 @ 12 P.M. wins.

If you have questions or comments regarding this contest you may send them to  Comments that do not strictly relate to the contest will be deleted.

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