This summer could yield a very high number of earwigs for many residential homes.  We have experienced a very wet spring which should contribute to very good reproductive conditions for this occasional home invader.

Once temperatures begin to break 80 degrees, and as they continue to climb, earwigs should become more apparent and noticeable in and around the home.

Earwig infestations will normally be found in areas around the foundation of a structure where stones, debris, pots or other materials where they make contact with the soil.  Removing these items from the environment should assist in reducing habits for earwigs.  If it is not possible or practical to reduce harborage areas then insecticides may be used to reduce populations.

Control Tips:  Chemical applications should focus on the aforementioned habitat areas as well as structural entry/exit points and ground cover leading up to the structure itself.  Once earwigs have penetrated the interior of the building, the only way to rid yourself of those pests are to treat inside.

Extermiman® is able to implement highly effective control strategies to significantly reduce overwhelming and nuisance earwig populations.

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