Rats in Utah

Rats are a relatively common problem along the Wasatch Front.  They tend to be more of an issue near locations where bodies of water such as streams and creeks are present.  Many times people whose yards are adjacent to these types of sites struggle with chronic rat problems.

In many cases rats tend to stay outside of the structure and roam around the yard in search of food and water sources.  Their nesting habits include such sites as woodpiles, crawl spaces, under sheds and playhouses, holes they create in the ground about 3 inches in diameter, attics, garages and other cluttered/secluded locations in the yard.

Options for controlling rats include trapping and/or baiting.  Extermiman® typically leads with a baiting strategy thought the implementation of exterior tamper resistant bait stations designed specifically for rat control.  Our fees include a service call and a charge for each bait station placed in the environment.  Service calls are normally $97.00 and the one-time cost per each prebaited exterior rat fortress station is approximately $19.00.  Once you purchase the bait stations you own them.  The bait product is typically viable for one year.  This service comes with a 30 day guarantee, meaning that if you are not completely satisfied with the results we will continue to return and retreat at no additional charge until the problem is controlled.  You expect resolution of the problem in approximately one week.  Call Extermiman® at 801-296-5960 for a free consultation concerning your problem.

Extermiman® is also able to provide cleanup and disinfectant services for areas that have been contaminated by rats,

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