Service Plans

Option #1 – Quarterly service plan
This is a pay as you go quarterly service treatment with guaranteed service between your quarterly treatments. You must be on auto-pay in order to sign up for this service. Minimum one-year requirement. Must complete four consecutive quarterly treatments. You may cancel at any time after the completion of your four quarterly treatments. If you cancel prior to one year, if you received any guaranteed treatments at no charge (if they were outside of 30 days of a paid service), you will be charged for those treatments, or pay for the remainder of your annual service plan, whichever is less.

Quarterly service treatment cycles:
Your service will occur each quarter starting from the month that you received your first service. You will be charged on the day that you receive service in the quarter.

Option #2: Service Plan Promo 36% off. (Best Value) Prepayment of pest control service for spring, summer, fall, and receive the winter service at no charge. You must receive winter service as part of this promotional offering. If you choose to forgo winter service for any reason, the winter service may not be applied as a credit toward any other season.

Seasonal service plan promo treatment cycles:
Spring season: March 1st through May 31st
Summer Season: June 1st through August 31st
Fall Season: September 1st through November 30th
Winter Season: December 1st through the last day of February

Pests covered under service plans for spider and general insect control service: Spiders: All species, Ants: All species except carpenter ants (Carpenter ants require a specialized service plan), Box Elder Bugs, Carpet Beetles & Carpet Beetle Larva, Centipedes, Clover Mites, Crickets, Earwigs, Elm Seed Bugs, Mice (only if bait stations have been purchased) – Indoor tamper resistant bait stations are $4.00 each and exterior tamper resistant stations are $19.00. On average, homes up to 3k square foot, to provide good coverage may require 10 to 12 indoor units and 2 exterior units. There is no control over where mice die with a baiting solution. We make no claims or guarantees about retrieving carcasses from walls or masking odors if they occur. It may take up to 2 weeks for a mouse to decompose.) Millipedes, Oriental Cockroaches, Rats ($65.00 catch charge per rat is applicable if indoor trapping is required, must purchase exterior bait stations $19.00 each, indoor rat traps are $8.00 each), Scorpions, Silverfish, Springtails, Voles (must purchase bait stations), Wasps ($50.00 surcharge anytime ladder access is required if our power sprayers or 20′ extension poles cannot reach nests.).

Option #3 Single Treatment
Pest covered under single treatment: Spiders: All species, Ants: All species (except Carpenter Ants), Box Elder Bugs, Carpet Beetles & Carpet Beetle Larva, Centipedes, Clover Mites, Crickets, Earwigs, Mice (same as details listed under service plans), Millipedes, Oriental Cockroaches, Scorpions, Silverfish, Springtails, Wasps ($50.00 surcharge anytime ladder access is required if our power sprayers or 20′ extension poles cannot reach nests.).

Specialized issues (applicable to both service plans and single treatment) for bed bugs (requires custom quote), carpenter ants (requires custom quote), flies (requires monthly annual plan), german cockroaches (requires custom quote), mosquitoes (requires yard guard plan), and termites (requires custom quote), are not covered under spider and general insect control.

Special Instructions for your Account:

Areas Covered: Pest control service covers all structures on the property including the home, detached garages, sheds, etc. and up to a foot out from the the exterior of structures. The service does not cover the landscape except for rats and voles under a structural service plan. This plan does not cover any pest issues in the landscape beyond one foot of the home, detached garages, or sheds. Services for the landscape (e.g. mosquitoes) are addressed and charged for separately from structural pest control under our yard guard program (please inquire for pricing and information if interested).

Exclusion services (sealing up gaps and entry points), clean-up (fecal matter and/or contaminated materials), and odor control services are all quoted and charged for separately from this service plan.

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Your seasonal treatments and guaranteed services are included at no charge during normal business hours. After hours appointments will be assessed a surcharge that is not covered under the service plan. Appointments before 8 am, or appointments at 5 pm or after, and weekend appointments will be assessed a surcharge if requested.

Cancellations & refunds. Prepaid service plan packages may be cancelled and possibly refunded, however, refunds will be calculated based on unbundled pricing at regular/retail rates. If the unbundled pricing exceeds the packaged price, no refund will be issued.

Transfers. If you move to a new location and it is within our normal service range, the program may be transferred to the new property location for a $50.00 transfer fee. The new location will also be subject to revaluation on pricing. If there is an increase in square footage, you will be charged the incremental difference for the the increase.

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