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Bed Bug Encasements

What I am about to share is counter intuitive and contrary to some of the contemporary information and conventional wisdom in our industry related to homeowners and exterminators dealing with bed bugs. Many articles in our industry purport the benefits and even necessity of mattress and box spring encasements when

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Utah Cockroach Control

Extermiman uses advanced professional techniques, tools and strategies to combat this insidious pest.  At first you may notice one or two, but before you know it, you can be dealing with hundreds and even thousands of german cockroaches. They are extremely difficult to control for numerous reasons. German cockroaches can

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Utah Bed Bug Exterminator

If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator in Utah, you have arrived! Let Carl Wilson with Extermiman take you through the journey of dealing with a bed bug problem. We pull back the curtain on this mysterious and frustrating pest problem. This video gives you some insight into

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Raccoon Removal Salt Lake City Utah

In this condensed video, Carl Wilson gives you a glimpse at some of the front line action that comes along with removing raccoons from homes along the Wasatch front. This video will give you some idea of the tricks and challenges connected to the removal of raccoons. If raccoons are

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Rodent Control – Baiting & Trapping

When I say rodent control, I am specifically referring to mouse and rat control in this case.  Yesterday I talked with a prospective client.  He told me he was dealing with a rat problem in an outdoor shed.  He gave me some background about the situation.  He mentioned there was

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Utah Bed Bug Control

Extermiman® can get rid of your bed bugs in one treatment. Professional companies that eliminate bed bugs usually choose one of three methods to eliminate bed bugs.  Those are chemical, thermal (heat), or cryonite (freezing). Extermiman® does use chemical control as our primary preferred method to eradicate bed bugs.  Chemical

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