Utah Bat Control

utah bat controlBats pose a number of threats and problems to homeowners and to other structures where people reside and dwell.  Bats can carry rabies which can be lethal if it goes undiagnosed in a person.   The threat may arise when bats that are nesting in the walls of a structure and then find access to the interior.  Sometimes people find that a bat is inside the building and then just try and push it outdoors.   If a bite occurs during the night when a person is sleeping, this is the time when exposure may have occurred without the individual having knowledge of it.  The best strategy in this situation would be to have a professional capture the bat and have it tested for rabies.

Bats may also cause histoplasmosis, which is a disease of the lungs that is passed to people through bat guano.

Bats are protected by law and may not be destroyed.  Extermiman implements a number of strategies in order to control bats.  Each job is unique and requires a customized solution and plan to rectify a bat infestation.  We use solutions and strategies to allow bats to escape structural dwellings and prevent them from returning.  We then seal off the structure so to exclude bats from returning.  If you simply seal off the structure without allowing and verifying that the bats have departed from the structure they will die inside and may enter inside the structure trying to escape and in turn increase the chances of human to bat contact.

Extermiman offers cleanup solutions to decontaminate areas of the building that may be affected by bat guano.

If you believe you have an issue with bats, call us now at (801) 296-5960.

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