Utah Bed Bug Control

Heavy cluster of bed bugs on a mattress.

Heavy cluster of bed bugs on a mattress.

Extermiman® can get rid of your bed bugs in one treatment.

Professional companies that eliminate bed bugs usually choose one of three methods to eliminate bed bugs.  Those are chemical, thermal (heat), or cryonite (freezing).

Extermiman® does use chemical control as our primary preferred method to eradicate bed bugs.  Chemical control is typically 50% of the cost compared to thermal and cryonite.  It is interesting to note that heat and freezing treatments will still sometimes rely on some level of chemical control to permeate spaces such as wall voids or other areas where those technologies cannot reach or penetrate.

Extermiman® uses a combination of chemistries to facilitate fast action, flushing properties, every stage kill, overcoming resistance  and very good residual control.  Many companies rely on one chemistry to control bed bug problems.  If a company tells you that it is going to require follow up treatments to eliminate your problem, they are likely relying on one product (chemistry) to deal with the problem.  They also likely lack the insight and expertise to quickly arrest and eradicate the problem.

Bed bug control can be somewhat expensive compared to other common pest problems.  For a home that needs 1 to 4 rooms treated a person could expect to pay anywhere from about $275.00 to $575.00.  With heat and freezing treatments you can expect to pay about double those amounts.

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