Utah Cockroach Control

Extermiman uses advanced professional techniques, tools and strategies to combat this insidious pest.  At first you may notice one or two, but before you know it, you can be dealing with hundreds and even thousands of german cockroaches. They are extremely difficult to control for numerous reasons. German cockroaches can hide in your walls, cabinets, appliances and just about any tiny crack or crevice that exists. Reproduction rate is high. If conditions are right, meaning enough food, water and shelter, a single female can have a few thousand offspring between her young and their succeeding offspring in the course of a year.  Populations can explode seemingly overnight.

German cockroaches are scavengers, feasting on starches, sugars, grease and meat. They favor kitchens and bathrooms since these locations normally provide sources of water.  If pressed to find food german cockroaches may resort to feeding on glue, toothpaste or other miscellaneous items in the environment. They may feed on one another (cannibalism).  They are necrophagous (meaning they eat their own dead) and coprophagous (meaning they eat their own feces).

Because of their high reproduction rate german cockroaches are able to develop resistance to chemicals more quickly than other insects.

All of these traits make german roaches a formidable foe.

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