Utah Mouse Exterminators

Mice are a common problem in the Northern Utah area. Specifically, we are referring to the house mouse (Mus musculus). They are a normal part of the local environment much like spiders, ants and other insects.

When controlling mice, you have two options that are available to you. One is trapping and the other is baiting (poisoning). These methods can be used exclusively or in cooperation with each other. There are pros and cons to each method.

A benefit to trapping is that once a mouse is captured it may be discarded and you can quantify the number of mice caught. The challenge to trapping is the ongoing maintenance required with checking traps and resetting them. Trapping is very management intensive.

Extermiman suggests and leads with a baiting solution. The biggest downside to baiting is that there is no control over where a mouse dies. If a mouse dies somewhere that it cannot be retrieved, it typically decomposes in a week or two. We can entirely eliminate mice from a structure within a few days. Our system is designed to arrest the problem in the short term and also provide control for years to come. Once our tamper resistant stations are placed in the environment, as long as they are filled, they act as a 24/7 around the clock workhorse, to provide maximum protection against mice invading your home.

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