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A creature was stirring…

A couple of weeks ago a prospective client called in quite panicked, about a rodent problem. They didn’t know if it was a mouse or a rat. There were also some other unique circumstances and stress factors the homeowner was dealing with approaching the holidays. Normally I try and spend a few minutes explaining our […]

Contest – Best Pest Story

Rules of Entry & Qualification 1.) You must like Extermiman’s page. 2.) Comment on this post telling us your best pest related story.  It can be creepy, funny or whatever.  We will reserve the right to delete a post if we judge it to be extremely crass. 2.) Your comment must be placed on this […]

Codling Moth Utah

Codling moth is the culprit for the famous worm in the apple.  It is the larva stage that is responsible for entering the fruit after egg hatch out.  They may also infect pears, walnuts, plums and other fruit. Females lay some 30 to 70 eggs on or near growing fruit.  Eggs typically hatch in 1 […]

Utah Spider Mites

When you begin to observe the leaves on your trees dying, turning brown, bronzing and sometimes with webbing present it is very possible that you have spider mites. If you want to know whether mites are present you may try the following test.  Place a clean sheet of white paper on a flat surface.  Take […]

Utah Sterilant Spray

If you need sterilant spraying in the northern Utah area, Extermiman® can help.  We can help you control growth of unwanted vegetation in a number of landscape areas.  If you are tired of weeding all season long, why not spray it once and be done with it the rest of the year?

Salt Lake City Exterminators

Finding an exterminator in Salt Lake City is actually pretty easy.  Just Google salt lake city exterminator and voila!  Well that is how you found us, isn’t it? There are dozens of companies ready to tackle your pest problem, just chomping at the bit waiting for you to call them.  Well, I would encourage you […]

Extermiman® 2010 Sales Team

Extermiman® is recruiting for 2010 sales team.  If you are interested in the opportunity to earn a good income selling pest control services please contact us. Please understand that this position is a commission based opportunity. For specific details call Carl Wilson at 801-296-5960 or send an email to