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    Small, oval, brownish, and huge nuisances, bed bugs aren't your typical pest. With many similarities to other insects, like feeding on animals and humans' blood, bed bugs differ in their infestation. Unlike your common household invader, these pests are not a result of a dirty or unkempt home or office. Often entering undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, and other items, bed bugs infest your home and make a residence. Bed bugs tend to live in groups and are mainly active at night. Because they feed on blood, you may wake up itching or see dark spots on your sheets from their excrement if you have an infestation.


    Treatment & Prevention

    If you suspect an infestation, remove all bedding and carefully check for signs of their excrement. To treat bed bugs, clean all bedding, linens, curtains in hot water, then dry them on the highest dryer setting. If items cannot be washed in the washing machine, put them in the dryer on the highest setting. However, while these treatments work, getting rid of bed bugs usually requires chemical treatments. These chemicals can be harmful, so it's generally safest and most effective to hire experienced pest control professionals at Extermiman.

    Pest Control Services

    • ant


      Due to their aggressive nature, the best way to handle ant colonies on your property is to contact our expert Extermiman exterminators to devise an effective treatment plan.

    • bed-bug

      Bed Bugs

      Unlike your common household invader, these pests are not a result of a dirty or unkempt home or office.

    • mosquito


      For more permanent mosquito service needs contact Extermiman to have our exterminators administer treatment.

    • rat


      Exteriman’s experts are the quickest and most effective solution for rodent control and removal.

    • spider


      If your spider problem needs professional help, Extermiman can provide reliable and comprehensive pest control services to eliminate spiders.

    • wasp


      Extermiman can inspect your home and deliver rapid, effective hornet, bee, and wasp removal and treatment services.

    • raccoon

      Wildlife Management

       If you have an infestation, we can humanely trap and remove these pests.

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    Extermiman is a locally owned and operated pest control and wildlife management service provider. We work for Utah residents and businesses along the Wasatch front. We offer free consultations for your pest and wildlife problems. We can create customized solutions for your specific situation.

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