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    Extermiman provides both business and home pest control services to ensure your property is protected from unwanted pests. Not only do our commercial and residential services protect your property from damage, but they also ensure protection from the diseases these pests can spread.

    Enlisting our residential pest control services comes with Extermiman’s guarantee that our exterminators will come back at no additional charge if any pests return in-between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services. We can provide the appropriate solutions to eliminate any pests using our extensive training, years of experience, and comprehensive treatment options.

    Pest Services for Your Home

    We understand that your home provides so much more than just a roof over your head. Your home is your safe haven, your children’s stomping grounds, and your investment in the future. Some pests can cause serious damage to the home, and others can carry and spread diseases to those within it. Protecting this treasured space from unwanted pests is key to protecting your financial investment and keeping your family healthy and comfortable.

    When servicing your home, Extermiman will first identify factors that can help limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. Steps like removing sources of food, water, and shelter can go a long way in controlling pest populations. These steps, combined with chemical control measures when necessary, will create a long-lasting, effective solution for your pest management needs.

    Our highly trained staff offers a variety of unique service and treatment options based on the different needs of individual customers. Various treatment options take into account issues like the extent of the infestation, where the pests are living in the home, where they are breeding, environmental factors in and around your home, and our expert knowledge of the life cycles of different pests.

    In most cases, Extermiman can solve your pest control problem with only one initial interior inspection and treatment, followed by exterior treatment. Most of our customers find the exterior treatment extremely convenient, as the homeowner does not need to be home for these services. If issues are present inside the home, we will provide quick and effective interior solutions and services.

    At Extermiman, our pest control services are built on extensive knowledge, training, and years of experience. We are proud of our services, and we guarantee our work. If any unwanted pests should return between your regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services, we will service your property at no additional charge.


    Commercial Pest Control Services

    Make your business pest-free with pest control from Extermiman. We offer commercial pest control services for North Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. 


    Pest Control Services

    • ant


      Due to their aggressive nature, the best way to handle ant colonies on your property is to contact our expert Extermiman exterminators to devise an effective treatment plan.

    • bed-bug

      Bed Bugs

      Unlike your common household invader, these pests are not a result of a dirty or unkempt home or office.

    • mosquito


      For more permanent mosquito service needs contact Extermiman to have our exterminators administer treatment.

    • rat


      Exteriman’s experts are the quickest and most effective solution for rodent control and removal.

    • spider


      If your spider problem needs professional help, Extermiman can provide reliable and comprehensive pest control services to eliminate spiders.

    • wasp


      Extermiman can inspect your home and deliver rapid, effective hornet, bee, and wasp removal and treatment services.

    • raccoon

      Wildlife Management

       If you have an infestation, we can humanely trap and remove these pests.

    Why Choose Us

    Extermiman is a locally owned and operated pest control and wildlife management service provider. We work for Utah residents and businesses along the Wasatch front. We offer free consultations for your pest and wildlife problems. We can create customized solutions for your specific situation.

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