Spiders are probably the number one pest problem in terms of the volume of service calls dealt with along the Wasatch Front, at least according to our records.  These calls and concerns primarily tend to revolve around the fear of poisonous spiders such as the hobo spider, the black widow spider and the sac spider.  The brown recluse does not inhabit the Wasatch Front according to all of the research and information that we have at this time.

Spiders are generally very active spring through the fall along the Wasatch Front.  The winter can be a problem period though generally on a very small scale.

Extermiman® uses residual sprays to control spidersSpiders come in contact with insecticides in the environment in a number of ways.  Spiders do not easily take up insecticides through their legs/feet because they are mostly comprised of chitin which does not readily absorb insecticides.  Therefore spiders may take up insecticides when they rest their bodies on surfaces, prey on other insects in the environment that have been infected or when they groom their legs/feet through their jaws.

Extermiman® can perform single applications or we can provide a regular service program for long-term control of spiders in and around your home.

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