Ants come in a variety of species.  The carpenter ant, the little black ant, the pavement ant, the argentine ant, the crazy ant, the pharaoh ant, the odorous house ant, etc.  Each species has its unique set of traits related to such things as where they prefer to nest, how far they will go to forage for food, whether they are destructive, a nuisance or both, and several other distinctive characteristics.

Treating for ants may be as simple as finding a nesting site and destroying it.  On the other hand it may require a combination of spraying, dusting, baiting or some other method to resolve a problem.

When ants are foraging you are seeing a small portion of the colony collecting resources for the brood.  The brood, which is the heart of the colony consists of the queen, eggs, larvae, and other caste members which perform several functions for the survival and perpetuation of the colony.

Extermiman has a number of highly technical products in our arsenal to exterminate and control ant populations.  We have products which contain a highly attractive bait matrix with embedded active ingredients that are transferred by foragers to the brood through touch and ingestion modes of action.

Extermiman offers single treatments and/or service programs for ant extermination and control depending on your specific situation and needs.

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